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Kocaklar Group established in 1962, and has become one of the most reputed and trusted companies in Turkey. Kocaklar Group has one main goal, which is to meet the needs of its customers. We truly believe that our Honesty and Passion, along with the Quality of our products, price and service provided is the reason for our growth and success. Building a measure of trust between our customers will help us expand our company further more.

Kocaklar Group is specialized in manufacturing many types of fabrics according to the need of our customers. Kocaklar Group is specialized in a variety of fabrics, including Curtain Fabric, Embroidery and Jacquard Fabrics, and Bed Covers, Bed Sheets, Pillow Cases, Decorative Pillows, Light Bed Spreads and many more. All of our products are in top quality and is sure to meet the needs of our customers.

Kocaklar Group is operating in 12.000 sq/m of waving factory, which can produce 3 million meters of Curtain Fabrics annually. We are specialized in Embroidery and Jacquard Curtain Fabrics. In our factory the production starts with the yarn and it turns to fabric. We are manufacturing with 30 Somet-Alpha Stauble Jackard machineries, 12 Somet-Super Excel Fancy Voil machineries, and 5 Epoca-5 Multi-Color Embroidery machineries. Along with those machineries, we are an integrated facility; Cutting (Shaving) Machinery, Lead Planting Machinery, Folding Machinery, and weaving Warp Machinery. We are producing 100.000 meters of Embroidered Curtain Fabrics, and 150.000 meters of Jacquard Curtain Fabrics.

Home Art is brand of Kocaklar Group and today our brand, Home Art is one of the most known brands in Turkey and around the world. We are a company which exports to: Germany, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, and Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and more... 

We are located in Istanbul, and our factory is located in Corlu (100 km from Istanbul). We are serving our customers with 465 branches around Turkey, 6 branches in Bulgaria, 2 branches in Ukraine, 1 branch in Great Britain, and 2 Branches in Germany...

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